Cambridge Badminton


We play badminton in Cambridge on most Mondays and Fridays. We range in ability from good to average.

We range in age from early twenties to 50 somethings. We're a mixed group.

We have no real rules as such, but this is a guide to play in our club:

Monday Badminton

Vacancies for players of intermediate ability or above.

On Mondays we play at St. Luke's Barn which is here. Go through the school gates and follow the road. Around the corner is St. Luke's Barn with parking outside. St. Luke's Barn is a large building looking like an aircraft hanger and semi-circular in cross section.

We start at 19:30 and finish at 21:30. If the front door is closed when you arrive, try ringing the bell. If that fails, go round the back and knock on the fire door. If none of our cars are there then you have probably turned up early or on a night when there is no badminton, or we are late! There is no Monday badminton on bank holidays.

Cost at present is £3 per person per session.

Friday Badminton

Vacancies for 2 more players of intermediate ability or above.

On Fridays we play at Histon and Impington College which is here.

We start at 19:00 and finish at 20:00. Go into the main building past the reception The main Sports Hall is on your left and this is where you'll find us (unless we're late).

Cost at present is £2 per person per session.


Nick Ashton

I think I speak for everyone who has been fortunate enough to know Nick, that his tragic and untimely passing (in January 2007) is a huge loss to us all.

Nick was once the organiser of our small club. He touched everyone with his kindness, his intelligence and his friendship. So long Nick, you will be missed.

Richard Bagnall